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What Your Pet Needs, When They Need It

My Rabbits LOVE This Product
My rabbit would barely eat any hay I bought- mostly from the local store. But i did try other kinds. He was definitely not getting enough hay. I bought this and he literally ate the small box in like 3 days. I have made 3 orders of 3 boxes at a time in less than 6 months. I cannot say how it tastes, but my rabbit definitely LOVES it!
Cindy M.
June 15, 2022
Your Little Buddies Want This Hay!
I have tried every expensive or good Timothy hay, even flavored versions and my bun wouldn’t eat it. I tossed it out continually. This one he eats! And when I add more to his remaining he actually is happy! Of course I still throw some out but it’s hardly any compared to the other brands. Very happy!
Jacki D
June 22, 2022