Perfect for:

Guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, cavys, turtles/ SOME tortoises, degus, prairie dogs, SOME rodents, mice and rats.

We put the "hay" in "hay-mazing"

Our Timothy hay is the world's best-kept secret - it's so good, even the rabbits won't tell you where they got it! Grown by our friends on their multi-generational farm in Diamond Valley, it's no surprise that this hay is sought after by small pets and large animals alike. Give it a try and watch your furry friends hop with joy!

Our alfalfa hay is like a love letter from the sun to your small pets.

We grow alfalfa hay so good, it practically grows itself in our backyard! With hot summer days and cool, crisp nights, our hay is practically basking in perfection. From seed to feed, we make sure our hay is the best possible for your small pets. Give them the taste of Nevada sunshine and try our alfalfa hay today!

We bring happiness to your tiny friends, one package at a time!

Our hay is so tasty, your pets will beg for seconds (and thirds, and fourths...).

  • Free Delivery

    Because who wants to pay for shipping when you could be buying more hay?

  • 10% OFF on Repeat Delivery

    Don't be a one-time hay hero, subscribe and save 10% every time!

  • Sustainable Agriculture

    Our farming practices are so green, you'll think our hay is made of recycled money!

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About our farm

Our family has been growing premium all-natural hay for generations, and today we grow it for you. We decided that small pets and their owners deserved to know what truly great hay looked, smelled, and felt like when it was grown in a place where it grows the best. That place is the High Desert of Northern Nevada.

  • Hay So Good

    that it makes other hay want to throw in the towel and become a houseplant.

  • 100% Sustainable and Natural

    We've been using green and sustainable farming practices for 4 generations!

  • Family-Owned Farm in Nevada

    Proudly made in the USA by generations of farmers.