Our hay is so tasty, your pets will beg for seconds (and thirds, and fourths...).

Free Delivery

Because who wants to pay for shipping when you could be buying more hay?

Repeat Delivery

Our subscription service saves 10% and delivers hay straight to your door.

Sustainable Ag

Our farming practices are so green, you'll think our hay is made of recycled money!

We bring happiness to your tiny friends, one package at a time!

Hay So Good

that it makes other hay want to throw in the towel and become a houseplant.

All-Natural Hay

No funny business, just happy small pets.

Going green before it was cool

Four generations of sustainable farming!

Nutrition So Easy

even your small pet could do it. Wait, they already are!

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What Your Pet Needs, When They Need It

My Rabbits LOVE This Product
My rabbit would barely eat any hay I bought- mostly from the local store. But i did try other kinds. He was definitely not getting enough hay. I bought this and he literally ate the small box in like 3 days. I have made 3 orders of 3 boxes at a time in less than 6 months. I cannot say how it tastes, but my rabbit definitely LOVES it!
Cindy M.
June 15, 2022
Your Little Buddies Want This Hay!
I have tried every expensive or good Timothy hay, even flavored versions and my bun wouldn’t eat it. I tossed it out continually. This one he eats! And when I add more to his remaining he actually is happy! Of course I still throw some out but it’s hardly any compared to the other brands. Very happy!
Jacki D
June 22, 2022