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The Story of High Desert Small Animal Feed

It all began with a coffee meetup and a broken fence. Early one summer morning, the three of us (George, Tania, and George’s dad Phil) sat at the local coffee shop and argued over whose turn it was to fix the fence where the cows had gotten out…again.

This was the third time this month that our family farm’s cows had ventured out of their lush pasture to explore the nearby alfalfa field. As we scratched our heads at this strange behavior, we soon realized that our irresistibly aromatic alfalfa hay had enticed the cows.

And it wasn’t just the cows! Mobs of local deer, field mice, moles, and waterfowl were constantly feasting on our hay crops. These magnificent creatures preferred our hay fields to the surrounding pastures, marshes, ranges, and wetlands. And to be fair, why wouldn’t they?

“Our hay is so darn good that we could box it up and sell it,” uttered Phil, deep in thought.

Tania told them about her dad, who had recently lamented about how hard it was to find quality feed for Mr. Pig, his cherished pet guinea pig.

Many brands will package up whatever they can grow in less-than-ideal climates, like the humid and muggy Midwest. The result? A sorry mess that could barely pass as alfalfa hay even to a school of blind tuna fish.

The rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pets of the world deserved better.

“You know what?” George said. “I think you’re onto something.”

And High Desert Animal Feed was born.

Our family has been cultivating premium, all-natural hay for generations, and now we grow it for you and your furry friends. At High Desert Animal Feed, we grow the finest alfalfa and source timothy hay from our like-minded friends at a neighboring farm.

Our Mission

We want to show pets and their owners what natural, sustainably-farmed hay looks, smells, feels, and tastes like when it’s grown in a place where it grows the best - the High Desert of Northern Nevada.

All of our feed is locally sourced, allowing us to maintain control over moisture levels and ensure that our hay is top-notch. Our commitment to quality includes sustainable practices like crop rotations, composting, and soil enhancement without fertilizers.

Are you ready to make the switch to hay that's good for your pets and good for the earth?

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