Collection: 1st & 2nd Cut Timothy Hay

Our Timothy hay is so good, even aliens from outer space have heard about it! They travel lightyears just to get a taste of our world-class Timothy hay grown by our like-minded friends in the Diamond Valley of Northern Nevada. Don't believe us? Just ask ET - he swears by it!

Not sure which hay is best for your pet?

First Cut Timothy Hay: It is higher in fiber, making it a good choice for overweight or older animals that need more roughage in their diet.

Second Cut Timothy Hay: It is lower in fiber but higher in protein and nutrients, making it a good choice for growing animals, nursing mothers, and active pets.

Orchard Grass: This hay is a good alternative to timothy hay. It is higher in protein and lower in fiber than timothy hay, making it a good choice for young or active animals.

Alfalfa: it is high in protein and calcium, making it a good choice for young animals, pregnant or nursing mothers, and sick or recovering pets. However, it is not recommended for adult animals as it is too rich and can lead to obesity and other health problems.