High Desert visits Friends of Unwanted Rabbits

High Desert visits Friends of Unwanted Rabbits

Our next hay delivery took us to a Bay Area/Northern California rabbit rescue known as FUR. FUR stands for Friends of Unwanted Rabbits, and is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to finding forever, loving, indoor homes for abandoned and neglected rabbits dumped at local area shelters. Their goal is to increase public awareness of rabbits as intelligent, social house pets.

boxes of Timothy Hay piled high in the garage

Since FUR is a foster based organization, this stop brought us to a volunteer’s residence where we met Katie. Katie wears many hats within the organization and is a FUR volunteer/foster/bonder/adoption event coordinator. Here Colt and I filled up Katie’s garage with stacks of our 4-lb boxes of Timothy Hay. This hay will be distributed to current FUR foster families as well as new rabbit foster/adopter families as rabbits are picked up and taken to their forever homes (sidenote, I think they should be called FURever homes in this case!).

In chatting with Katie, we learned that FUR currently has 50 rabbits in foster care and finds homes for over 130 rabbits a year. In what is quickly becoming my favorite part of these trips, Katie introduced us to Fiver and Papa Bear.

Fiver and Papa Bear snuggling on the couch

Fiver and Papa Bear are a bonded pair who have been with FUR for over a year. They are searching for their FURever home to a good family who will bring them in and undoubtedly be glad they did. These two are sweet, loving, playful rabbits who love kids and love to be held and snuggled. Fiver is the rabbit on the left above and has the softest, most velvety fur coat I’ve ever seen.

Fiver has the softest most velvety coat of any rabbit!

If you are interested in adopting Fiver and Papa Bear (and you should be!), send an email to FriendsofUnwantedRabbits@gmail.com. These two certainly don’t need it, but we will sweeten the deal by sending the lucky family who adopts these two friendly rabbits an 8-lb box of our fresh green 2nd cut Timothy Hay just for reaching out to us with an update on how they’re doing!

FUR has nearly 50 other deserving bunnies in foster care and to inquire about adopting them, visit www.friendsofunwantedrabbits.org for more information and you can also email them at the address provided above.

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