High Desert Small Animal Feed visits the San Jose Animal Care Center & The Rabbit Haven

High Desert Small Animal Feed visits the San Jose Animal Care Center & The Rabbit Haven

With a 4:50 am early morning start in Fallon, Colt and I kicked off our “road trip for rabbits” to California. With a trailer full of 4-lb boxes of Timothy Hay in tow, we were met with excellent roads and great weather. After a necessary coffee stop, we were feeling good about being well on our way as we watched the sun rise while driving over the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the snowmelt and water runoff will be used to irrigate our crops next year.

After 5 hours of driving our first stop was the San Jose Animal Care Center. The Rabbit Haven, a local rabbit rescue group, put us in touch with the Animal Care Center and we are glad they did! We met shelter rabbit volunteer Cheryl who greeted us cheerfully and gave us a warm welcome. She and the friendly staff were helpful and excited as we unloaded the 60 4-lb boxes of Timothy Hay for the 48 rabbits and 8 guinea pigs who were residing at the shelter at the time as they patiently wait to be fostered or adopted into loving forever homes.

George stands in front of the San Jose Animal Care Center carrying a box of All-Natural 2nd Cut Timothy Hay and Premium Alfalfa Pellets

Once we unloaded the hay into the storage sheds Cheryl invited us to come meet some of the furry residents in their care. Of course, we could never turn down such an opportunity and we weren’t disappointed! We met many rabbits and got to let Bodie and Hei Hei (meaning “chicken” because he was found wrapped in chicken wire before being brought to the shelter) out of their pens to play for a bit and even got some pictures while we were at it.

However, the bunny I really want to introduce you to is Kai, the cool as a cucumber white rabbit who has been at the Animal Care Center since June and is very deserving of a good home. With a great disposition and friendly personality, Kai is super chill and will make a great addition to anyone’s family who might adopt him. The best way to describe Kai is to say he is a “puppy-dog” bunny. He loves to run indoors, is litter box trained so you can feel comfortable letting him free roam through your house, can be taught tricks, and would be the perfect addition to a home with older (10+), respectful, gentle children. If you are interested in adopting Kai (and you should be!) please contact Cheryl at 408-621-3773 and she will make it happen. Furthermore, if you adopt Kai please reach out to us with an update and we will send you a complimentary 8-lb box of our All-Natural Timothy Hay to help out as you get acquainted with each other!

Kai the bunny is curious and cuteKai takes great care of his beautiful white coat

The San Jose Animal Care Center is a full-service, no-kill, animal shelter serving the cities of San Jose, Milpitas, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and Saratoga. Along with the many dogs and cats, the Animal Care Center currently has 46 rabbits and 2 (pregnant) guinea pigs in their care. Over the past year they have found homes for over 200 rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. Contact Cheryl if you would like to adopt Kai or foster/adopt one of their other 45 rabbits or 2-and-soon-to-be more guinea pigs.

We would like to make a shout-out to The Rabbit Haven for the connection and making our donation possible. While we were interacting with the rabbits and staff, we learned how important the Animal Care Center’s relationship with The Rabbit Haven is to their small pets. The Rabbit Haven is the primary rescue that the Animal Care Center works with and they provide the center with a huge amount of support. The Rabbit Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1987. They are located on the central California coast and rescue small pets from both the community and area shelters. The Rabbit Haven is instrumental in providing rescue, medical care, spay/neuter, and foster and adoption services for the Animal Care Center as well as rabbits in the community.

We at High Desert Small Animal Feed would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Cheryl and all of the volunteers at the San Jose Animal Care Center, as well as Heather and Sarah and the countless fosters and volunteers with The Rabbit Haven, who all work tirelessly to make a positive difference in the lives of so many deserving small pets in and around San Jose and the Bay Area!

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