High Desert visits the Nevada Humane Society

by George Pomeroy on December 13, 2022
I'm a few days late in writing about this here, but we made the rounds this past weekend with a pickup load of our High Desert Timothy Hay!Pickup bed full of 4-lb boxes of High Desert Timothy Hay in front of a stack of Timothy Hay
Our first stop this weekend was to the Nevada Humane Society! With locations in Reno and Carson City the Nevada Humane Society works tirelessly to feed and take care of dogs, cats, and small pets alike. We learned that while people are generous in their donations to dogs and cats, many times it is forgotten that the Nevada Humane Society also takes in and finds forever homes for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, and hamsters just to name a few. We were excited for the opportunity to help by dropping off 3-4 months worth of Timothy Hay to each of their locations. If you are in Northern Nevada and thinking about adopting a small pet (or a dog or a cat!), you should definitely make a stop to the Nevada Humane Society in Reno or Carson City.
During our visit we found that we could further help the Nevada Humane Society by donating a portion of our proceeds to their great cause. By using the link below or entering the code NVHS10 at checkout through our website (www.highdesertfeeds.com) we will donate 10% of the value of your order to the Nevada Humane Society. If you have small pets or know people who do, please use this link and share it with your friends!